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  • korea quality PVC thermal heat transfer film - 副本
korea quality PVC thermal heat transfer film - 副本

korea quality PVC thermal heat transfer film - 副本

  • size: 50cm*25m
  • packing: 2 rolls per carton
  • features: Environmental protection,soft,washable,strong adhesiveness,elastic
  • USD158/roll
  • Product description: pvc film,film

PVC heat transfer vinyl

PVC heat transfer vinyl

Product Models: CDP 
Packing Weight: 6 KG/roll 
Packing Size: 54*29*17cm 


cotton, cotton-polyester, wool, linen, Lycra, polyester athletic mesh knit fabrics, swimming suit, bags,textile,leather and so on

PVC heat transfer vinyl



The Selection of Colors:23







  • 1, the first writer mirror carved patterns or text you want
  • 2. Peel off the redundant color film, form hollow-out effect, cut down design facing fabric;
  • 3. Use pyrograph machine and electric iron can be very hot.
  • 4. The main features, this product is 155-165 degrees Celsius hot, very hot after than traditional screen printing effect is good, but not bad, very good adhesiveness.
  • 5. No plate-making, unlike the original silk screen printing need plate making, can be printed, printed dark clothing opaque color, have stereo feeling, after printing with high temperature cloth pressure the effect is more again.
  • 6. This product is suitable for non-woven fabrics, t-shirts, leather, etc can be on the deformation of the object can be printed.
  • This product is suitable for the typed copy shop, digital transfer printing shop, the traditional screen printing factory and so on.
  • 7. Specially print characters lettering membrane, can print 50 cm in width, unlimited length of Chinese characters, (such as tents, sun umbrellas, silk screen printing can't print items.
1. The color is firm, feel very good elasticity and more smooth
2. Using a wide range, especially suitable for sports teams for clothing, logo, monochrome pattern, clothing decoration decoration, etc
3. Rub resistance, hand wash, machine wash, can use all kinds of washing method, high and low temperature environment does not glue, do not break
4. The membrane materials for environmental protection material, without any discomfort, contact with the skin without any harm to the skin

the lettering membrane is carving machine and pyrograph machine to use a material, colour diversity, but only carved monochrome, there were two or three kinds of color, if it is a simple design can choose to carve a few times more, but need to be carved before the pattern design layout is good.

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1.  We have our own brand,currently the sales region covers 28 countries and regions around the world. We specialize in this field for more than 10 years, with the strength of market, with good quality and pretty competitive price.   


 2.  We provide OEM services, we can do OEM for products of your brand(print your graphics on the products). The processing method, the size, the quality, etc. will all follow your requirements.



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